Content Syndication Matters


Your website could reap the benefits of an instantly expanded audience, without the hard work of expanding your social media reach over time. The right syndication opportunities will also provide author bylines and a link back to your website, providing an instantaneous SEO boost.

Expanded Audience

Some of the larger syndication websites boast social media followings as large as 100,000 or more. You could find your subscriber rates skyrocketing. 

Better SEO

The right syndication opportunities provide author bylines, including a link back to your website. 

Be Ahead of Your Competition

While most websites strictly prohibit promotional blog articles, you could be able to include links to your social media profiles in your author bio, or call-to-action buttons which link to landing pages on your website with your content.

Are Press Releases Worth the Investment?

Why Invest In a Press Release Strategy?

Press releases generally serve several purposes that prove to be beneficial to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. If your brand has recently achieved a milestone, perhaps is launching a new product, or has any type of charity event to announce, press releases serve as a fantastic way to push the news out to a broad, relevant audience.

How Does the Distribution of Content Process Work?

There are a few different approaches that we can take when working together to distribute a release to our broad network of news websites. The most streamlined way that we can work together to get your message out to a broad audience is to have a discussion about your overall message and your target audience. Based on that discussion, PlacementSEO will work with you to create the perfect article, to be approved by your team, and to then be syndicated by our partners.

Are Press Releases Good for SEO?

Press releases can generally be good for SEO but should not be the only angle of attack when working to increase your organic brand exposure online.