A Strong Hold Local SEO Strategy

That Delivers. 

Whether you’re looking to accelerate foot traffic to your local store front, or focus your efforts towards increasing online store sales, local SEO will benefit you in many ways. So what exactly happens behind the scenes which translates to a successful local SEO campaign? 

Content Development

Content development is a critical on-going function of Local SEO. Depending on your target audience, content should be developed in a way that targets the product you have to offer and the geo-location of where your target market resides. It’s not just blog posts, either. Re-writing product or services pages plays a major role in local SEO effort. You also need to consider location pages if you operate a multi-location business.

Keyword Research

It’s also important to research the exact phrases your potential customers are searching online. There are many reasons behind this, such as: Are keywords you rank for considered to be “reader intent” or “buyer intent”. In most cases we are going to want to target “buyer intent” keywords, as these types of keywords are known to convert into sales. Questions about keyword research? Contact our team of SEO experts. 

Press Releases

Press releases serve as many advantages within local SEO campaigns. First and foremost, if you have a message that you’d like to announce about your brand, press releases are an amazing way to do so. From a technical perspective, press releases also offer a great way to build link building diversity for your website as part of a long-term local SEO strategy. 

Link Building

Link Building proves to stand as one of the most important strategies when investing into Local SEO. Link building is the practice of asking other relevant websites to link back to yours. These essentially serve as a vote to Google that your website is important and therefore should rank better in the search engines for target keywords. To learn more about our link building strategies please reach out to one of our team members. 

Niche Citations

Citations are another important factor when deploying the perfect local SEO campaign. Citations are essentially local directories that list your business information. Although this may sound like a basic strategy, you must ensure that all of your directories are up-to-date with correct information. Otherwise, misinformaton can cause your local SEO rankings to decline. 

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO helps search engines better understand the theme and topic of your website. By properly implementing onsite SEO we’re able to effectively target very specific keywords that are most relevant to your business. Most of our onsite SEO efforts are typically completed within the full first month of service. 

Performance Reporting

Our campaign reporting is 100% transparent when it comes to understanding whether or not your local SEO campaign is effective. Not only will you have bi-weekly strategy calls with our team, you also get access to a real-time SEO reporting platform that represents data in a way you can understand. Feel free to reach out for a platform demo.

Google My Business Listing Management

Your Google My Business profile is extremely important and should be properly optimized right away. When local customers begin searching for products you offer, your Google My Business listing is oftentimes the very first piece of informaiton they see about your brand.

Keyword Rank

Via our real-time SEO reporting software, you will be able to observe every keyword your business currently ranks for in Google and Yahoo. Not only that, you can easily view your campaign start ranking positions, as well as the progress you made up to today.