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Link building is an SEO process that the majority of website owners have heard of, but have little knowledge on how to
execute perfectly. If you’re really into SEO, you likely have bought guest posts, private blog network links, links placed in
comments, or home page backlinks.

Is it safe to say that the results have not been near as good as you thought they should have been?

If so, welcome to the club. That’s why PlacementSEO invested time and money into a process that allowed our
team to efficiently scale broken link building for our clients, where we can place links on super niche relevant websites,
contextually within content that is aged and carries authority.

We build links on real websites, no PBNs

PlacementSEO can build links for any niche

Average domain authority of 20+ & Page authority
of 10+

Links are placed on indexed and relevant pages

Super niche


Link building is difficult for many reasons, and most link building services tend to fail at placing links naturally and within content that is aged and relevant. That’s where PlacementSEO holds it’s pride.

PlacementSEO developed a link placement program where our team is able to efficiently place mentions of your brand and website on other websites that are willing to promote you. Broken link building is the most coveted type of offsite SEO strategy, and we’ve mastered it.

Real verified


Organic traffic is a huge SEO signal when Google considers the quality of links pointing back to your website. Fun fact: PlacementSEO has had a strong record obtaining links on sites that get more than 1,000,000 organic search engine visitors per month.

The point is, the websites we outreach to carry serious authority which means placing your link on those sites will ultimately move the needle for you in the search engines. Give our link building service a try so that you can discover, like 500+ other consultants have, why our link building practices are hands down, the best.



How can you absolutely be certain our work is the best? Easy. With every purchase our team offers you all of the most important metrics, free of charge. What does this mean for you?

Say you order ten broken link placements. When our team of link builders deliver your work, you’re going to also receive the domain authority, page authority, trust flow, citation flow, domain rating, and SEMRush organic traffic metrics for every single link we place for you.

Transparency is important, and we want to make sure you surely understand that you’re getting the best, and most relevant.



Not only is our link building the best you’ve ever experienced, so is our reporting. Long ago are the days where you have to wait forever, or keep asking, to see the progress of each campaign you initiate. Instead, when you purchase your first campaign, we set up a cloud based spreadsheet that you can log into anytime to see the real and ongoing process of your order.

This means that no matter the time of day, you can login and immediately see how much further we have to go on your order. Pretty awesome, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is PlacementSEO's Approach to Link Building Different Than Other Options?

PlacementSEO practices link building through the process of broken link building, a strategy that proves to be very powerful across most industries. To learn more about our link building process specifically please watch this Youtube video.

What Niches Does PlacementSEO Support When Link Building?

Generally, our team can help target link building campaigns to most niches imaginiable, within reason. However, we choose not to engage in link building practices that focus around the adult industry. CBD and Cannabis are acceptable niche. If you have questions about which niches we support please reach out to our team directly.

Will PlacementSEO Help Build a Link Building Plan?

Absolutely, however it’s not required. If you would like to have another set of eyes looking at your link building strategy we’re happy to help you with that. Otherwise, you’re welcome to send us your anchor texts and URL requirements too. 

How Quickly Does PlacementSEO Achieve Link Placements?

In most cases our team can achieve link placements for you within 30 days of executing your campaign. This applies to individual link building campaigns and large SEO reseller orders.

What Is the Typical Lifetime of Link Placements Achieved by This Process?

When PlacementSEO secures link achievements on your behalf we do our absolute best to source link achievements from websites that promise to leave your link live on their website forever. Although link removals are rare, PlacementSEO does provide a 90 day link replacement guarantee. What causes a link to be removed / dropped? In most cases when a link drops it’s due to the fact that the URL structure of the sourced website changed, thus rendering our live link report incorrect. Other times its a new website design being launched and old links being removed.