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Enterprise results achieved in 8 months or less.

About the project

The managers at approached PlacementSEO with a list of user intent keywords their previous SEO company had failed to rank for. 

Their current situation

Upon starting to work with PlacementSEO, our firth month’s campaign execution began with an indepth competitor analysis, onsite SEO analysis, and also an enterprise audit of their link building portfoilio which identified links possibly holding back potential rankings.¬†

How PlacementSEO Pushed Real KPI

Working with Super Cheap Signs has been incredible. We’ve pushed their top 6 keywords, that have volume potentials of at least 10,000 searches per month, to mid-page one or higher. Not only that, their eCommerce¬†conversions from organic traffic have shot up 150% over the last 8 months.

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