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About the project signed PlacementSEO to be their marketing partner, a partnership that actually started as a free SEO campaign. 

Their current situation

At the time, had a sister website ( that needed to be shut down correctly without increasing the risk of loosing rankings. This means that the overall goal was to migrate all local keyword rankings from the old domain to the new. 

How PlacementSEO Pushed Real KPI

The first goal with was to build a complete website redirect map. This means that we needed to redirect page by page while pointing the old URLs to new pages on the website. Doing this incorrectly could cause keyword cannibalization as well as keyword ranking decreases. Over the course of a month PlacementSEO strategically mapped URLs from old to new, and when the time came, implemented each redirect using 301 permanent redirects. The results? Well, they speak for themselves. 

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