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Our large private blog network is professionally managed and has survived every Google update that has come it's way. We're the reason why thousands of websites rank for key terms that are vital to their success. Ready? It's time to crush your rankings.

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When you buy PBN links from PlacementSEO, you are buying into a secure network of blog websites that have been used to successfully rank website for keywords vital to many businesses. Our network has withstood all Google updates because our staff focuses on stability, and quality control. Are you ready to work with a proven team of SEOs? Let's do it!

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buy pbn links

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Common Private Blog Network FAQ's

Without a doubt, the use of private blog networks raises a lot of questions between SEOs and users harnessing their power. Lets answer a few questions commonly addressed by our clients.


What Niches Do You Accept?

It's important that our experts only allow good neighborhood websites the opportunity to link from our private blog network. With that being said, no adult or casino niche websites will be accepted, under any circumstances.


How Long Until I See Results?

Keep in mind, not even the largest SEO agencies can promise rankings. With that said, its common to see rank increases within two - three weeks of your campaign completion. It's also important that you properly optimize your website before purchasing links.


How Long Will My Links Be Live?

When you buy PBN links, your backlinks will remain on our network forever, or at least until a website is taken down, which is very rare. This is a long term investment, not just a single day place and pray investment.


What Turn Around Time Can I Expect?

Typically, turn around times for any order are no more than thirty days. However, you as the client have power to request a free drip schedule which allows your campaign to seem more natural.


How Many Keywords Can I Submit?

The number of keywords you can submit (or should) depends on the size of your order. Starter packages, it's not recommended to submit more than three. For the additional plans, we suggest no more than six keywords per order.


Do You Offer Reseller Discounts?

If you are a PBN Link reseller and would like special pricing, please contact our staff through our contact page. We are happy to apply special discounting for volume orders.

What Our Clients Say

We love to tell clients that we're the best in the business, however, our claims are also supported by what more than 95% of our clients are saying about PlacementSEO. Let's take a look shall we?

I have been working with Placement for about a year now. They have done wonderful things for our business. We started out with SEO and moved on into a new website design. The SEO has helped our rankings tremendously and it just keeps getting better. The new custom website has a unique look which has benefited rankings and also has helped our customers search our site more efficiently and faster leading to more sales! PlacementSEO always responds fast when questions or ideas are presented. They are super helpful in making it understandable to those of us who aren't so tech savvy. Thanks PlacementSEO for all your expertise and friendly help!

– Christie Livingston

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with your work so far. You have shown great knowledge with regards to link building and SEO best practices. Your optimization strategies and recommendations have proven invaluable to us, and most importantly you have gotten us the results we wanted in record time. I am confident in recommending your service to anybody who is keen on using your services, as i know you will be able to get them the results they are looking for to reach their full potential online. Your hard work, determination,support and constant communication across all available platforms has made the experience that much more personal and a pleasure to work with. The bottom line is that John gets you results minus all the fluff. Hands down the best SEO guy i have worked with in a long time.

– Kaashif Karriem

PlacementSEO Manages our Onsite SEO, content cur-ration and marketing needs for our business, and needless to say, the results are absolutely amazing. Our project manager is always responsive and available, and turn around times for projects are un-beatable

– Bo English

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PlacementSEO is a proven online marketing agency with years of case studies behind its belt. We're excited to offer you the chance to purchase a few PBN links that will help you successfully engage the rankings you have been seeking. Still have doubts? Contact us today to visit with an expert.

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